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Dynamic Panel Discussions: Make it a Show!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Many organizations and businesses bring experts and guests together through the use of panel discussions. This format is great for an audience to attend live on Zoom or for people to watch later when it’s posted to the organization’s website or social media. Panel discussions can be much more engaging than one person presenting alone. The dialogue and different perspectives offered by a panel make the presentation more rich, natural, and dynamic.

However, panelists each attending over Zoom from their separate homes or offices makes ‘spotlighting’ or ‘pinning’ each speaker a technological hassle. Microphone, camera, and background differences can distract from or even ruin the best discussions. Furthermore, it’s challenging to not talk over each other and to really have an engaging conversation when each panelist is joining over separate videos. This can all be resolved and production can be elevated by recording the panel discussion in one of our six studios!

The studio setting and experience turns a panel discussion into a video that looks and feels more like a tv show than another mundane meeting over Zoom. It also means that you can forego the time, effort, and investment it takes to get a live audience by simply producing a video that can be distributed. But, if a live audience is what you’re looking for, that’s possible too!

The MacArthur Business Alliance has produced a series of engaging and informative videos, all recorded at our studios. They archive and share their content in a way that suits their busy members. It also means that their entire series is permanently available; perfect for members to reference later or catch up on. Their video series demonstrates that a panel discussion format can be taken to the next level with the production offered by a studio. It also shows the importance of the interpersonal engagement between panelists that is created in this environment.

Do it live or record in advance, archive it for later, turn clips into brief videos for your social media and website - well produced content is the gift that keeps giving. Make your next panel discussion into a show!

Check out this recent Inspirence studio shot event:

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