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Thinking about starting a Podcast?

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Seems simple to make your own podcast. Microphone, talking, upload, done… right? Not so fast. As podcast listeners, we know that echo, background noise, messed up levels, and muffled voices are a huge turn off. With the millions of podcasts being posted every week, it’s easy to find another podcast that doesn't have all of those audio issues. So how do you make sure your podcast is easy on the ears and prevents listeners from switching off?

If you want to produce a high quality podcast, the technical details, equipment optimization, and audio engineering skills are not something you can DIY from a google search.

According to our Podcast-hosting friends, get in a studio and get some help because “when you're thinking about the technical details of your broadcast or recording, you're not thinking about your content”.

Streaming platforms are saturated with people recording podcasts in their living rooms or (if they’re really trying) in their soundproofed closets. You can join that herd, but everyone will be able to tell. Instead, record your podcast in an acoustically engineered studio with the assistance of a professional who will make sure your content sounds high quality. With this tech support and venue, your sound can be on par with the podcasts produced by studios like NPR, American Public Media, Gimlet Media, PodcastOne, PRX, Earwolf, and Radiotopia.

It’s not as expensive as you may think. Want to grow an audience through consistent episodes? We welcome fixed appointments and recording multiple episodes in one session, which helps you build a library of content that’s ready to post - and it saves you money.

Your craft is the Podcast content, share your ideas and stories. Our craft is taking your Podcast to the highest level of audio quality. Speak to one of our team about how to get started.

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