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Look Into My Eyes - The Necessity of a Teleprompter

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Even if you’re not baring your soul during your video presentation, your audience will be the most engaged when you’re making eye contact. Unless you’re a professional actor, memorizing a script is not an option. The solution? A Teleprompter. A teleprompter may not feel like an innovation, but it was game changing upon its invention in the 1940s. From it’s first iteration as a roll of butcher block paper inside a suitcase, to the first in-lens teleprompter used for the 1954 State of the Union by President Eisenhower, teleprompters keep speakers clear and focused. More importantly, they keep audiences engaged through eye contact. Teleprompters have come a long way since butcher block paper! Our large format screens are the high tech iteration of this decades-proven tool. The clarity and precise positioning of the teleprompter at our studio ensures you’ll never be looking down at notecards or looking to the side at that spare monitor or laptop. Once you lose that eye contact with the camera, your audience may mirror you and think - maybe it’s time for me to look away too.

The size of our large format teleprompter also means you can be further away from the camera. This gives the shot depth of field and gives you space to add dynamic movement to a static presentation. A teleprompter is the most effective tool to connect with your audience through eye contact, maintain a smooth and confident speaking pace, and ensure none of your carefully crafted words are lost. This simple yet highly impactful method, combined with our turntable lighting and studio quality audio, upgrades your content and make it stand out. When it’s time to look the part. Give us a call.

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