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Informational Videos are Key to 2021 Marketing

Times have changed and a "tell me what you do" sales pitch is no longer what buyers are looking for. Today's individual consumers and corporate buyers spend hours or days doing online research before contacting a company. Information and knowledge about a product is the foundation and starting point of any purchase.

More than ever, the sales relationship is developed online, even after an in person or remote introduction. While your interactions with the client are vital, the time they spend consuming your online content is what guides their decision. Imagine what the client is seeing on your website and social media as they prepare for your zoom call, or what posts and webpages they'll check out once you hang up. If you can provide a compelling collection of content which tells your story and gives the client information they can engage with, they are far more likely to turn interest into action.

The digital bar has been raised, and there's no going back to analog ways. Websites which function as only supplementary and contain simple galleries and lists are no longer sufficient. Amateur single camera, or worse, phone filmed videos with substandard lighting and sound distract and detract from your product and company identity. The use of studio cameras at multiple angles, expert lighting design, professional graphics, and high production value create engaging video content that is both enjoyable and informative.

Clients and consumers are looking for quality informational videos on products, projects, and company vision. Videos which reinforce the product narrative will set competitors apart. This collection of content must be dynamic and frequently updated. Website and social media content captures new eyes and keeps people coming back.

Engaging, professional, high quality content that tells your story.

This is the future the Inspirence Studios team is here to help you with.

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