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Your Corporate Aesthetic Elevated

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

We spend countless hours in video meetings, conferences and presentations - each video is a portal into the home offices of our colleagues and the creative diversity of their green screen backgrounds. In many cases this is fun, it sparks conversation about the cool art someone has hanging or where they found that cool green screen graphic. It also promotes a comfortable feel as our homes and offices become conflated. But for a corporate professional meeting or event, your audience and colleagues don’t want to see your home office and won’t be that impressed by the same green screen background. Upgrading to a professional setting for virtual presentations effortlessly elevates the experience. It’s a subtle, yet powerful, way for your audience and colleagues to feel that this isn’t just another meeting - this is something special.

For financial reporting, board meetings, sales, launch events, or reporting, a real backdrop sets the foundation for a productive, engaging, and professional virtual meeting. With this in mind, we developed a modular wall system here at our studio. These rich cherry wood units are on wheels and can be arranged multiple vertical or horizontal ways to your preference. These clean, classic panels can be easily integrated with monitors to display your company logo, presentation information, live chat, or slide deck. We also welcome you to take advantage of our large format vinyl printing where we can create custom graphics and affix them directly to the panel wherever you like. Even the podium can be integrated with your branding on its large built-in digital display.

Devote your total attention to your presentation! Our production staff will manage your slides or PowerPoint, keep an eye on the chat room or even project the chat on a teleprompter, admit people into the meeting, keep an eye out for technical issues, etc. And you can trust that the lighting will be perfect, your video sharp and audio studio clear.

After months of the same meetings from your home office or green screen, show your team and clients your corporate side. Elevate your virtual look with a real backdrop at our studio. It’s an economical and effortless way to break away from the monotony for impactful meetings and presentations. For the times that call for a little something extra, elevate your corporate aesthetic.

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